The Grindstone Association
 (Orsa Slipstensförening)  

the wood    an old mine
Grindstone hacking                          The oldest part of the Grindstone area is completly wooded                         One of the old stripmines.

Orsa Grindstone Association was formed in 1996.
Made up of about 70 local people today, it is slowly growing. Some of these are working as voluntaries with the tours and as guides, keeping up the museum, working with information towards our schools and the public, protecting the whole area of daystripmines for the future, keeping the Grindstone Footpath in shape, making sure there are sufficient informationtablets in the area and so on.

The History tours and the Theme Days for children and all the work surrounding these projects, are a big part of the Association engagement today. A few years ago a consert was usually held yearly in one of the mines, Malungsgruvan, wich have an outdoor stage and room for well over 500 people. This consert event is known to feature musicians of very high ranking, and draws impressive audience. Despite the fact that everyone is asked to bring their own chair. The Association is also hosting for instance, theater, music show, Mother Christmas gathering for kids and, a few years ago, even sculpture symposium.
The Grindstone Association welcomes you as member!

We would very much like to increase our number of Grindstone- friends. You are welcome to join us, either as a working member or a supporting member.
Membership cost is currantly 100 SEK a year.

your name, adress and phone number to .


Regular members:
Jörgen Nohrin, chairman, 076-778 60 67
Annmari Engström, 070-689 14 65,
Gunnel Nordin, 0250 - 55 03 14
Eva Andersson,
070-366 08 09
Gun-Britt Lindberg 072-5454140

Torsten Lenner, 0250- 55 03 30
Anders Lofvar, 0250-55 03 58

Kåre Olsson
Ulf Hurtig, 0250- 55 01 16

Deputy auditor :

Leif Andersson     0250-41721

                                          Swisch to number 123 148 23 63.  Bankgiro number 498-6931.    

The restaurant Famous Moose open hours: 10 am - 3 pm weekdays, lunch is served 11 am - 2 pm. Coffee and tea is available. Open hours will be updated in time for the summerseason. 

Here you can find information about some of the geologically interesting places we have in Dalarna and in Orsa.
You can also watch videos from geologically interesting places.
Take a look in the Grindstone Museum and its exhibition, showing what life was like in our strip mines for centuries back in time.