The old craft of cutting, hammering and making grindstones by hand, were for a time (in 1950 and 1960), beeing threathened to vanish completely. But a few old crafters kept working through some tough years. And so today, we also have an association of craftsmen, who are skilled grindstonemasons, Orsa Slipstensgrupp (Orsa Grindstonegroup). They are continuasly working to keep the interest up among our young, so that the skills will not be forgotten.

Every summer they gather at the Lindå Mine where tey keep tolls and equipment and where they have their own smithy. They welcome visitors to watch, ask questions and even try their own hand at the craft.
Follow our guide on the History Tour - it will take you to see the grindstonemasons at work - or you can visit whenever they gather at the Lindå Mine.


You find some more pictures on Slipstensgruppens own homepage:

They also have their own page on Facebook:!/OrsaSlipstensgrupp